I am a student at UC Berkeley's Engineering Physics and am currently exploring space and autonomous systems, but previously I was the laboratory experiments lead at the Deepspace Lab with Professor Philip Lubin. I have spent the past 4 years exploring many aspects of space. I also love hosting speaker series and learning from life stories. Now at UC Berkeley I try to bridge engineering and entrepreneurship as well. Currently, I am working on Space Technologies at Cal, Berkeley Entrepreneurs Association, and Newton Lecture Series. Also cofounder at Directed Energy.

Fun Stuff right now

What I am doing when I don't sleep.


Sent one of the smallest maneuverable satellites to space with MPPT and magnetorquers. All info is available at our Github. We are launched with KickSat-2.

Autonomous RC Car

Building out the core tech for a self driving RC Car. Using 3 cameras, 1 Ouster LiDAR, 1 InertialSense INS, 1 TeamTekin T8/RX8 motor/esc, 1 FutabaRCUSA servo, 1 intel nuc) integrated for autonomous control using ros.

Project Innovations

These are a few projects I have worked on. I hope you enjoy!
Skills: lasers, vacuums, research proposals

Directed Energy Ablation

This is an overview of my research. I designed, built, and led all experiments for this research. My paper is below.

Space Technologies at Cal

Through STAC, we designed and build research projects to help enable small steps in space research.

Lunar ISRU + Launching

This is an overview diagram of work that came out of our company, Directed Energy LLC. We proposed a laser system on the moon for ISRU manufacturing and laser ablation launch.

Phased Lock Control - Lasers

Created a matlab simulation for phase locking a linear phase ramp in order to demonstrate beam steering in the far field.

EECS Research

I spent one semester in Professor Bokor's research lab in the EECS department.

Berkeley Hacks

I have worked on many hackathon/side projects and pictured above are a few of those.

April Tag Detection - RCNN

April Tag detection using a R-CNN in order to improve on traditional computer vision methods.


I enjoy working with my hands on hardware projects, thinking about physics, and applying economic skills to engineering. Recently I have started to dive into Deep Learning.


Research and Writings




These are a few videos that explain some of my work. I hope you enjoy!

Inside Look Into Research Lab

Explination of the work that I undertook at UCSB while studying Laser Ablation of Asteroids.

Failure Analysis - Berkeley Momentum Speaker

Walk-through of how I have learned to fail through a startup. Advice on how to move forward.

Space Tech Symposium STAC Intro

An overview of STAC on April 30 at our Space Tech Symposium.

Planetary Defense Conference Talk

A talk while at the PDC in Frascati Italy with 200+ attendees. Presented my laser ablation experimental results as they have vast implications for planetary defense.

Student Founders Panel - Newton Series

On a panel with other students discussing student life as a founder.

Time Magazine Interview

My professor and I explain the implications of directed energy propulsion of small spacecraft.

STAC High Altidue Balloon Rockbloc

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