I am a student at UC Berkeley's Engineering Physics and am currently exploring space and autonomous systems, but previously I was the laboratory experiments lead at the Deepspace Lab with Professor Philip Lubin. I have spent the past 4 years exploring many aspects of space. I also love hosting speaker series and learning from life stories. Now at UC Berkeley I try to bridge engineering and entrepreneurship as well. Currently, I am working on Space Technologies at Cal, Berkeley Entrepreneurs Association, and Newton Lecture Series. Also cofounder at Directed Energy.

Project Innovations

These are a few projects I have worked on. I hope you enjoy!
Skills: lasers, vacuums, research proposals

Directed Energy Ablation

This is an overview of my research. I designed, built, and led all experiments for this research. My paper is below.

Microgravity Experiment

Through STAC, we designed and built a microgravity experiment with multiple research projects inside. Launching via Blue Origin.

Lunar ISRU + Launching

This is an overview diagram of work that came out of our company, Directed Energy LLC. We proposed a laser system on the moon for ISRU manufacturing and laser ablation launch.

Cubesat Deployer

Designed and prototyped a Cubesat deployer that is capable of deploying smaller PCBSats.

EECS Research

I spent one semester in Professor Bokor's research lab in the EECS department.

Berkeley Hacks

I have worked on many hackathon/side projects and pictured above are a few of those.


I enjoy working with my hands on hardware projects, thinking about physics, and applying economic skills to engineering.


Research and Writings




These are a few videos that explain some of my work. I hope you enjoy!

Inside Look Into Research Lab

Explination of the work that I undertook at UCSB while studying Laser Ablation of Asteroids.

Failure Analysis - Berkeley Momentum Speaker

Walk-through of how I have learned to fail through a startup. Advice on how to move forward.

Space Tech Symposium STAC Intro

An overview of STAC on April 30 at our Space Tech Symposium.

Planetary Defense Conference Talk

A talk while at the PDC in Frascati Italy with 200+ attendees. Presented my laser ablation experimental results as they have vast implications for planetary defense.

Student Founders Panel - Newton Series

On a panel with other students discussing student life as a founder.

Time Magazine Interview

My professor and I explain the implications of directed energy propulsion of small spacecraft.

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